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Forex Broker Daily Chart Changeover Times

Added: August 7, 2007 9:58 am UTC
Topic: Forex Brokers

This information is mostly relevant for users following “The Thing” system.

When starting out you might find that your chart data does not match some other users. This is caused by each broker having their own personal time to start/end each DAILY time frame chart candle.

If your broker is not listed. Please help out by contacting their support service and asking what time in relation to GMT their daily time frame chart ends, then post it here as a comment or e-mail the info to us via the site contact form.

  • Alpari: GMT +2
  • CFGTrader: GMT +2
  • CoesFX: GMT +3
  • Fibo Group: GMT +2
  • Forex LTD: GMT +2
  • FXCM GMT -4
  • FXDD: GMT +3
  • Marketiva GMT
  • MetaQuotes: GMT +2
  • MoneyTec: GMT +3
  • Netdania Charts GMT -8
  • North Finance: GMT +2
  • Oanda GMT -5
  • Orion: GMT +4
  • Real Trade: GMT +2
I will update this post with new brokers as the info comes in.

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